Orthodox Guatemala


Last month, our parish hosted a visit from an Orthodox priest from Guatemala and several Guatemalan faithful who live here in Kitsap County. At Saint Elizabeth, we have received and supported two American missionaries to Guatemala in recent years. They are Jesse Brandow and Father Juvenal (Repass), and appear with other missionaries in the photo above. Recently, we heard from Jesse that he is back in America on furlough to tour parishes and speak about the Guatemalan Orthodox Church. On October 20 he will be at nearby Saint Katherine Church in Kirkland and Holy Assumption Church in Seattle. Then, on November 17, Father Juvenal will be visiting our parish. Stay in touch to learn more!

Father John’s New Book

Age of Paradise.jpg

Recently, our pastor’s new book was released by Ancient Faith Publications. It is entitled The Age of Paradise and is the first of a four-volume history of Christendom. At a time when many are speaking of a “Benedict Option” in response to the perceived decline of Christian culture in America, the book tells the story of the West from the long-term perspective of the Christian East.

Passion Week Begins


We have now completed the holy Forty Days of fasting known as Great Lent. Today we enter into the week of our Lord’s Passion with the commemoration of the raising of Lazarus from the dead. Father John’s homily at the Divine Liturgy today can be heard on the Homilies page under the Explore tab of this website.