Saint Luke Bible Study Meets This Evening

Come to Saint Elizabeth this evening at 6:30 for daily vespers, and plan to stay afterward for our parish Bible Study class.

Last time we met we introduced the Gospel of Saint Luke, talking about its author and some of the themes it contains. For example, we discussed how this "Gospel for the Gentiles" traces Jesus's human lineage back beyond Abraham to Adam, the father of the human race, whereas Matthew's "Gospel for the Jews" terminates its genealogy with Abraham, the father of the Jews. All the canonical Gospels are for Jews and Gentiles alike, but how interesting it is to see the ways in which Luke brings attention to the universal theme of human salvation in Christ! 

This week we will be discussing the first six chapters of Luke's Gospel. So read those chapters and bring your Orthodox Study Bible (or any Bible you have) for what should be a very interesting discussion!